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Services: Medical


Fundamental to quality of life for all people
is access to comprehensive healthcare. Lack of access can affect overall health status, detection and treatment of health problems,
management of chronic disease and life expectancy.


The goal of the Medical Center at Knox Community Health Center is to provide critical access to medical care for all area residents. Our physicians and nurse practitioners provide quality, compassionate and affordable healthcare for all those who come through our doors regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.



The following preventive primary health services are performed in our FQHC:

  • Preventive health care;
  • Well child care, including periodic screening;
  • Immunizations, including tetanus-diphtheria booster & influenza vaccine;
  • Blood pressure measurement;
  • Weight measurement;
  • Physical examination targeted to risk;
  • Depression screening;
  • Cholesterol screening;
  • Stool testing for occult blood;
  • Tuberculosis testing for high risk patients;
  • Dipstick urinalysis; & Risk assessment & initial counseling regarding risks.
  • Clinical breast examination;
  • Referral for mammography; and
  • Thyroid function test.



Knox Community Health Center provides:

  • Checkups when you're well
  • Treatment when you're sick
  • Immunizations and checkups for your children
  • Dental care and prescription drugs for your family
  • Mental health care if you need it

Medical Staff:

Kasey Grawey, LPN

Renee Elmer, FNP-BC
Brooke Thompson, LPN
Jennifer Bennett, RN – Care Coordinator


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