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Services: Dental


Oral health has improved over the past forty years, due to fluoridation, improved oral hygiene, better nutrition, and access to oral health care services.


However, oral problems related to dental caries or cavities (painful teeth, missing teeth and poor appearance, impairments in chewing and nutritional limits) and other oral conditions affect the health and well-being of children and lead to missed school days and ongoing dental problems.



While oral health care services are an important component of comprehensive primary care services, many people have inadequate dental care. Only one in five children with Medicaid received dental care in a year. In Illinois, only 27% of children with Medicaid received dental care.

The goal of the Dental Center at Knox Community Health Center is to provide access to preventive and restorative dental care for all area residents.


At KCHC Dental we provide

  • oral examinations,
  • hygienists for teeth cleaning, brushing and flossing instruction,
  • diagnostic x-rays,
  • tooth extraction,
  • fillings and sealants
  • filings.

Dental Providers

  • Dr. Matt Rozny
  • Dr. Ahash Patel
  • Dr. Kevin Rubnich
  • Heather Frakes, RDH
  • April Miller, RDH
  • Amanda Main, RDH
  • Lindi Miller, RDH



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